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Food & Breakroom Solutions that Save You Time

Did you know that you can add all your breakroom essentials to your regular order? Not only will it streamline the process and lower the cost, but doing so will give you a break too. 

Refuel & Refresh

Keep your breakroom stocked, your staff energised and your visitors impressed with the best food and breakroom solutions. From coffee and tea to snacks and cold beverages, a better breakroom is just a click away.

Coffee solutions

Keep your office buzzing with the best coffee and tea brands and all the accessories: sugar, cups, biscuits, coffee machines, you name it! Whether you crave a quick caffeine fix or you’re after the ultimate coffee corner, you’ll get all the expertise you need.


Get everything you need to stock your breakroom in one place: from everyday essentials, such as napkins, plates and cutlery to decorations for your annual office party. 

Eco-conscious solutions

Keep your co-workers happy and hydrated while staying clean and green with eco-conscious breakroom products, such as fair trade coffee, tea and sugar and sustainable earth disposables like cups and plates.

Featured Products

LYONS Green Label Original Blend Tea Bags (package 600 each)
Nescafé Original Coffee 750g (can 750 grams)
Harrogate Spring Water Mineral Water Sparkling, 500ml (carton 24 x 500 millilitres)
JUICEBURST Orange and Passionfruit (package 12 x 330 millilitres)
POLO POLO Fruits 6x660g (case 6 x 660 grams)

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